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DIR 101 Course

With Nagwa Khedr

DIRFloortime Training Leader

What is DIR®?

According to the ICDL website, DIR® is the Developmental, Individual-differences, and Relationship-based model (pronounced saying each letter as an initialism: D.I.R.). DIR provides a foundational framework for understanding human development and how each person individually perceives and interacts with the world differently. It outlines the critical role social-emotional development has on overall human development starting at birth and continuing throughout the lifespan. The model highlights the power of relationships and emotional connections to fuel development. Through a deep understanding of the "D" and the "I" we can use the "R" to promote healthy development and to help everyone reach their fullest potential. DIRFloortime® (Floortime) is the application of the DIR® model into practice.

Meet The Instructor

Nagwa Khedr is a DIRfloortime training leader and PLAY consultant who helps and supports parents to understand their children’s development while respecting each child’s individuality.

She graduated in 2009 from the American University in Cairo. In 2010, Nagwa started her career as an Early Intervention specialist, working mainly with children with developmental challenges and Autism, and their parents as well.

In 2017 Nagwa joined the Interdisciplinary Council on Development and Learning ( ICDL) and became the only DIR Floor-time training leader in the region, teaching courses globally all year round. Nagwa has several trainings in sensory integration and believes in the many benefits of working in a multidisciplinary team. In 2019, She moved to the UK where she continued teaching internationally, in addition to coaching parents and therapists on applying the model.

Nagwa's sessions are child-led, which enhances children's social and emotional capacities, and accordingly, promotes their logical thinking. Nagwa believes there is no one size fits all approach and the way to understand the child’s needs is by digging beyond their behaviors.

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Course Details

 This is a 12 hours introductory course that reviews the practical frame work, scientific evidence, and scope of application of the DIR model.

Learning objectives:


  1.  Identify common features of autism and other challenges of relating and communication

  2. Identify the key features of relationship based approaches.

  3. Describe the 6 functional emotional developmental capacities in the model

  4. Understand and describe the “I”. Individual differences and how sensory processing and regulatory challenges can impact the child’s development

  5. Understand the role of relationships and Families in the model.


12th and 19th of November (2 days - 6 hours each)

10 am to 4 pm


CIPPO HQ Greek Campus


Early Bird 2200 EGP (until the 28th of October)*

Regular Price 2500 EGP*

*Groups of 4 get an extra 10% discount!

Cancellation/Refund Policy

Get a 50% refund if you cancel after the 6th of November. No refund if you cancel within 48 hours before the training.

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