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Just starting in the field of child psychology or have a wide range of experiences we have a place for you.

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Become a School Integration Teacher.

Start with After School

In this full time job you'll get to go to school on a daily basis, focus on one child while making use of evidence based practice for inclusion and integration in the classroom.

In this part time/freelance job you'll get to tutor children on social and emotional skills at your own pace. Sessions are conducted after school hours at the clients home or at different recreational venues.

Impact & Grow

What we do for you.

Research & Education


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With our strong belief that psychology is a field of continuing research and education, we are proud of how we invest in our team members with monthlyl research projects and education opportunities. A true guarantee for efficiency is a critical mind that is hungry for research and knowledge, with us you;ll always be hungry for education and research.

A Therapeutic Community

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Part of CIPPOs on going mission is to provide healthy social and emotional environments, and that does not stop with our children. We strongly focus on building healthy working environments between members where acceptance, diversity and freedom are at the center of it all.