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Asmaa Mohamed

Asmaa Mohamed

I Wish to make a small impact everyday.

  • University Degree -

    Helwan University - BS/ Engineering - Egypt.

  • Related Work Experience -

    School Integration Teacher at CIPPO (2022-2024): 

    • 2 years of continuous work with a neurodivergent  child (ADHD) , in mainstream educational settings

    Facilitator - Sefsafa - (4/2021 - 8/2022):

    • Plan outdoor activities or sports for groups of children.
    • Create weekly or daily schedules taking into account children’s age groups and interests.
    • Lead recreational and educational activities.
    • Escort and oversee children.
    • Educate children through games and explorations.
    • Set up and maintain equipment.
    • Resolve occasional fights between children and address behavioral issues.
    • Make sure all safety rules are followed.

    Intern - Care International Egypt - (5/2020):

    • Conduct a needs assessment for the beneficiaries to build a relevant curriculum.
    • Train youth and women on life skills and good behaviors.
    • Create a detailed plan to complete the sessions for all the youth groups on time.
    • Help youth identify initiatives that benefit their community.
    • Engage youth with lecturers through interactive seminars to improve their communication skills.
    • Keep attendance and other records.



  • CIPPO Courses -

    - Integration Teaching CIPPO induction Course.

    - Case Study Digital PPT & Research.

    - English Competency Test.

    - Integration Strategies and behavioral modification principles (80hrs).

  • CIPPO-Aligned Strengths and Expertise

    • Skilled in ADHD, SEL (e.g., emotional regulation), building child self-esteem and confidence, and developing child independence and self-reliance
    • Consistently submits daily reports
    • Highly communicative
    • Extremely flexible
    • Proficient in academic support and behavioral management
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