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Jilan Ahmed

Jilan Ahmed

My positive experiences with siblings, family children, and the children of friends have fueled my desire to delve deeper into the world of neurodiverse children. These experiences have inspired me to educate both neurotypical and neurodiverse individuals about the importance of inclusion for all children, irrespective of their background.

  • University Degree

    • Bachelor's degree in Medical Informatics department - Helwan University (June 2023)
  • Related Work Experience -

    • School Integration Teacher at CIPPO (Jan 2024 - ongoing): 
      working with neurodivergent children in mainstream educational settings
    • freelance babysitting and tutoring neurodiverse (down syndrome &ADHD) children for her close community (family, friends' children, neighbors ..)
    • Healthcare software engineer Internship at 57357 Hospital     (August 2021 - September 2021): experienced professional specializing in the development of healthcare programs
  • CIPPO Courses -

    - Integration Teaching CIPPO induction Course.

    - English Competency Test.

    - Integration Strategies and behavioural modification principles (40hrs).

  • Important note

    Kindly note that Jailan is not available for home sessions. Additionally, she is an FMF (Familial Mediterranean Fever) patient, so it is essential to match her with a family that understands her medical situation

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