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Marina Tharwat

Marina Tharwat

"A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning"

  • University Degree - Related Certificate

    • Masters in Law ( LL.M degree)- Ain Shams University 2021 
    • Diploma in Public Law - Ain Shams University 2020
    • Bachelor's in Law - BeniSuef University 2018
  • Related Work Experience -

    • School Integration Teacher at CIPPO (Oct 2023 - Ongoing): 
      working with neurodivergent children in mainstream educational settings
    • English Teacher in Meme Jeannot Nusrey (2022 - August 2023)  worked with Neurotypical and Neurodiverse children dealing with (ADHD  and autism) 
    • Hemayaa movement [volunteer and active member] 2018-present: Helping children , and raising their awareness about sexual harassment and bullying
  • CIPPO Courses -

    - Integration Teaching CIPPO induction Course.

    - English Competency Test.

    - Integration Strategies and behavioural modification principles (40hrs).


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