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Rukkaya ElKafory

Rukkaya ElKafory

It's by investing time and energy in working with neurodiverse children, I have the opportunity to leave a lasting legacy by shaping a more inclusive and compassionate society, where neurodiverse individuals are valued and celebrated for their unique contributions.

  • University Degree

    Bachelor in Phonetics and Linguistics , Arts College, Alexandria University - 2023

  • Related Work Experience

    School Integration Teacher at CIPPO (2023 -2024) : 

    • working with neurodivergent children in mainstream educational settings

    Freelance Private English Tutor (Neurodiverse Children within Family and Family Friends) (2021-2023)

    • Provided private English tutoring services to neurodiverse children within family and family friends' circles.
    • Developed customized lesson plans and teaching materials to accommodate the unique learning styles and needs of each child.
    • Implemented specialized teaching strategies, such as visual aids, multisensory techniques, and personalized instruction, to enhance their language skills and comprehension.
  • CIPPO Courses -

    - Integration Teaching CIPPO induction Course.

    - English Competency Test.

    - Integration Strategies and behavioural modification principles (40hrs).


  • CIPPO-Aligned Strengths and Expertise

    • Experienced in providing one-on-one sessions
    • Strong understanding of sensory integration and sensitivities
    • Organized and work-oriented
    • Solid academic background
    • Previous experience working with a child on the autism spectrum
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