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Thomas Sameh

Thomas Sameh

By investing time and energy in working with neurodiverse children, I have the opportunity to leave a lasting legacy by shaping a more inclusive and compassionate society, where neurodiverse individuals are valued and celebrated for their unique contributions

  • University Degree

    Bachelor of Arts – European Civilization ,  Ain Shams University (2017-2021)

  • Related Work Experience -


    1. School Integration Teacher at CIPPO (Jan 2024 - Ongoing): 
      working with neurodivergent children in mainstream educational settings
    2. Integration Teacher at Chance : (Sept. 2023- Dec 2023)
    •  Facilitating inclusion of students with diverse learning needs in general education classrooms.
    • Collaborating with general education teachers to provide appropriate accommodations and modifications.
    • Assisting in the development and implementation of Individualized Education Plans (IEPs).
  • CIPPO Courses -

    - Integration Teaching CIPPO induction Course.

    - English Competency Test.

    - Integration Strategies and behavioral modification principles (40hrs).

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