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Umsor ElTigany

Umsor ElTigany

I strongly resonate with the quote, "Children are not vessels to be filled, but lamps to be lit." This quote perfectly captures my belief and approach when it comes to working with neurodiverse children. 

  • University Degree - Related Certificate

    • Bachelor's Degree in Psychology, Ahfad University (Sudan)(2023)
    • The Abu Zaid Al-Khalifa Award for the Best Research in the Field of Special Needs Education. (2023)
  • Related Work Experience

    • School integration Teacher at CIPPO (2023-2024): 
      experience working with neurodivergent children in mainstream educational settings
    • Classroom Teacher at Ahfad Primary School, Omdurman, Khartoum (2021-2023)
    • Private tutoring for family neurodiverse children (2017- present)
  • CIPPO Courses -

    - Integration Teaching CIPPO induction Course.

    - English Competency Test.

    - Integration Strategies and behavioural modification principles (40hrs).


  • CIPPO-Aligned Strengths and Expertise

    • Proficient in academic support and behavioral management
    • Highly communicative
    • Extremely flexible
    • Consistently submits daily reports with high quality
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