Omnia Youssef Fathy

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Why do you want to work as an integration teacher at CIPPO ?

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I want to support children emotionally and let them discover themselves which is their right as human beings.

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5,650 EGP

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Bachelor’s Degree in Childhood Education, College of Girls Ain shams University (ASU).

Zone A = 1,540 EGP
Zone B = 2,090 EGP
Zone C = 2,420 EGP

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CIPPO Courses -

Integration Teaching CIPPO induction Course

Case Study Digital PPT & Research 


English Competency Test

Integration Strategies and behavioural modification principles (40hrs)

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Work Experience

Work experience related to psychology, mental health, typical and special education.



kids Land Academy


The Egyptian International Centre for the Skills Development

Art Teacher
-making art crafts that support their educational system and increase academic
- supporting art for developing and expressing their own feelings
- opening the child up to the world by start making their own art, they naturally become curious
and excited about other people’s art — especially if it’s a familiar style, medium, or subject.
The creative process helps establish a lasting affinity for arts and culture in kids that’s vital to
connecting to new people. The study we mentioned earlier even showed that art programs
made students more likely to be empathetic and open-minded.

Sensory Teacher
- Support access to learning for students with physical and sensory needs and provide general
support to the teacher in the management of the students and the classroom.
-testing the child by following their senses acting well or not ( Exp: if he is too sensitive in
listening by raising up or low down sounds).
- plan and implement programs for individuals or groups, addressing the needs
of students who need particular help to overcome barriers to learning and reach their potential.
- creating activities and tools that support and develop the process.

Work Experience

Work experience in fields other than psychology, mental health, typical and special education.

Omnia has an incomparable passion to work with children. She has gained experience while being a student working multiple different part-time jobs at different centres and schools. She has shown that she is able to adapt to her environment, learn quickly, & research different methods. Omnia has great potential !

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