Rania Ali

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Why do you want to work as an integration teacher at CIPPO ?

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I believe Children are like plants, they vary a lot and require different care to grow. If we take care and support them according to their need, they will thrive.

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6,950 EGP

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British University in Egypt - Psychology

Zone A = 1,540 EGP
Zone B = 2,090 EGP
Zone C = 2,420 EGP

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CIPPO Courses -

Integration Teaching CIPPO induction Course

Case Study Digital PPT & Research 


English Competency Test

Integration Strategies and behavioural modification principles (40hrs)

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Work Experience

Work experience related to psychology, mental health, typical and special education.


March - June 2022

British Columbia Canadian International School

Jan 2021 - March 2022

Freedom for Drug Addiction and HIV programmes

School Integration Teacher

Admin Coordinator

Work Experience

June 2020- Present

Alef Bookstore


Boomers Kids Area

Deputy Manager

Art Teacher & Facilitator

Work experience in fields other than psychology, mental health, typical and special education.

Because Rania started working from such a young age, she has an incomparable work ethic. Last year, she has proven to be dedicated and committed to the child that she's working with. She understands and grasps all the necessary soft skills that allows her to thrive with the child that she's working with

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