Shrouq Swify

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Why do you want to work as an integration teacher at CIPPO ?

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I want to help children reach their needs, mainly their emotional and psychological needs. I hope to empower children. I hope to use what I learned in the past 4 years while working with children to enhance their self-awareness and work on an individualized intervention plan, and to learn myself.

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Nasr City

6,650 EGP

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Helwan University - Therapeutic Nutrition

40 EGP - 85 EGP per day

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CIPPO Courses -

Integration Teaching CIPPO induction Course

Case Study Digital PPT & Research 


English Competency Test

Integration Strategies and behavioural modification principles (40hrs)

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Work Experience

Work experience related to psychology, mental health, typical and special education.


Dec '18 - Aug '19


May 2019

CARE Egypt

Project Manager in Academic Committee: Provide children with useful educational tools that make them engaged with the external world to contribute positively to society

TOT: A training to educate about domestic violence towards women and the psychological needs of humans in different stages of life.

Work Experience

Dec '20 - March '21

Egyptair Hospital


Work experience in fields other than psychology, mental health, typical and special education.

Shrouq has experience being an integration teacher and is hardworking and patient in her work. Her friendly nature will allow your child to feel comfortable and heard by her. She is creative and always thinks of new ways to reach any objective.

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