Toqa Farag

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Why do you want to work as an integration teacher at CIPPO ?

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Seeing as CIPPO has been dedicated to aiding children with many different needs in different ways, it is in line with my main passion and career goals. It would be very familiar as it is something I have experience in and I would be able to adapt to the various challenges I might face. In the past, I worked on developing specialized programs an counseling programs. I naturally excel in this field, due to my personality and educational background. I believe so much in this role as it is crucial to help children socially and emotionally as they're young to help develop them. This is a hands on job that allows integrating with them as well and a way for me to grow and learn more. I would love to be part of this environment.

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New Cairo

8,650 EGP

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BA. Psychology - York University - Toronto, Canada

40 EGP - 85 EGP Per day

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CIPPO Courses -

Integration Teaching CIPPO induction Course

Case Study Digital PPT & Research 


English Competency Test

Integration Strategies and behavioural modification principles (40hrs)

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Work Experience

Work experience related to psychology, mental health, typical and special education.


2015 - 2017

ISNA – Mississauga, Canada

2017- 2020

MAC – Mississauga, Canada

Community Specialist :
- Organized, operated, and planned community enterprises for a collective, public, social benefit.
- Built successful and professional relationships with clients and organizations.
- Demonstrated a comprehensive understanding of all the organization's programs and services offered.

Instructor Therapist and Teacher:
- Direct intervention and counseling support for children, youth and adolescents.
- Interviewed patients to assess their situation
- Developed programs and services that facilitated individuals with developmental disabilities.

Work Experience

Work experience in fields other than psychology, mental health, typical and special education.

With a BA in Psychology, Toqa has the necessary background and skillset to support your child whether they are having challenges with academics, communication difficulties, or behavioural challenges. She is keen and eager to start working and supporting your chid at school

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