Veronia George

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Why do you want to work as an integration teacher at CIPPO ?

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I love children, I love getting involved in challenges and I also love to make an impact, even if it is small

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6,650 EGP

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College of Arts Psychology Helwan University

Zone A = 1,540 EGP
Zone B = 2,090 EGP
Zone C = 2,420 EGP

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CIPPO Courses -

Integration Teaching CIPPO induction Course

Case Study Digital PPT & Research 


English Competency Test

Integration Strategies and behavioural modification principles (40hrs)

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Work Experience

Work experience related to psychology, mental health, typical and special education.


2018 - Present




Integration Teacher: supporting the student at school by helping fill in the gaps in the learning process, help the student build self-confidence, as well as to promote positive interaction in the classroom by helping the student focus on important concepts, and overall help the student to develop academic and social skills.

Camp Counselor

Work Experience

Work experience in fields other than psychology, mental health, typical and special education.

Vero has worked part-time with CIPPO previously and has worked with a lot of children. She is able to adapt and would be flexible when working with your child. Vero is friendly and a hard worker who will make it her mission to support your child through their developmental journey

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