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All-in-one solutions for children's social and emotional wellbeing.

Our Story

In 2017,  the Child Integrated Psychology Programs Organization was founded with the aim to tap into the potential of neurodiverse children, help them cross boundaries, and embrace themselves. 

CIPPO started out as a company providing workshops, parenting support, and school activities until realizing the need for on-ground presence with children in their natural environment providing convenient and cost-effective interventions. Since then, we have been providing a variety of psychological services through qualified, trained, and supervised practitioners to increase the quality of inclusive education and help children develop their social and emotional skills effectively.

Vision & Mission

We are deeply propelled towards the pursuit of providing support to our children. We are driven to the worlds’ path to success as we try to steer towards our hearts’ desires. Our hearts long for nothing more than to see our sons & daughters embracing their childhood years with utmost pleasure and peace.

The Child Integrated Psychology Programs Organization aims to provide psychological services for all children to develop their social and emotional competence through cost-e!ective, convenient and constructive services.


Tamer AlKharratt

Our Team

Programs Director and Founder


Nadine Mansour

Head of Staff and Co-founder


Imy Shenouda

Case Manager


Terry Soliman

Case Manager


Noura Canaan

Matching Psychologist


Fareeda Taha

Marketing Executive


Sara Pederson

Programs Development Officer


Our Services

School Integration Teachers

Social and Emotional Learning

Academic Tutoring

Child Companion


Parent Support

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