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Grow Professionally

Attend training webinars, get certified and get tips to upgrade your skills. You’ll get all the help you need from our team to grow.

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Change the lives of children

Teach children social and emotional competencies they need to overcome the hurdles of life.

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Increase your income doing what you love

Increase your income while playing and having fun with children.

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Join a community that cares

Participate in volunteer work, and other services to develop the lives of underprivileged children.

Grow to Impact

Join our training academy and become a certified practitioner

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Gummana Tarek, SIT

" I've had a huge experience in general, learned a lot about myself and faced a lot of challenges which made me grow personally. Learned to self manage and regulate my emotions. Getting to know more about kids with challenges made me feel how blessed I am to get this chance and to have an impact on one child life meant everything. CIPPO helped me gain more experience with courses and trainings that helped me grow my experience more in this field."

Nardine el Gawly, SIT

"I've wanted to be part of the team from day one and loved the job description very much. The experience acquired was much needed for the start of my professional life. I had the chance to work with two amazing case managers Nadeen Abu-Zeid and Nadine Mansour who were really understanding throughout my work, the constant support, patience and encouragement that I received helped me feel as a practitioner better about my work when things got a bit tough."

Manar Zahran, SIT

“I started working for a CIPPO last October and from day one I felt like I'd be appreciated and welcomed and felt like this the kind of space i wanna work in. Everyone was really friendly and I feel that I'm working with professionals that I can learn from and that they will push me to take on new and challenging opportunities. What I love most about CIIPO that it's an ethical organization that actually help special needs children and their parents to make them better individuals that in the future will positively impact on this community. I also love how everyone is so authentic about putting their maximum effort in such a hard job. ”
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