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School Integration Teachers

Why not call them "shadow teachers"? Shadow teachers' key purpose is to support children within mainstream classrooms but unfortunately can ineffectively do so without proper training and supervision.

At CIPPO, we pride ourselves on providing well-informed practitioners or school integration teachers who help children integrate within mainstream classrooms attending to their emotional, social, physical, and academic needs while also bridging the gap between school, home, and centers. 

Our SITs receive on-going all year round training through our Grow To Impact Academy, supervision, and a goal-oriented individualized intervention plan set by themselves, the case managers, and parents based on the intake form, observational assessments, and parents' requests.

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Social and emotional skills are an integral part of developmental growth and education. CIPPO follows the CASEL Framework SEL through which children acquire and apply knowledge, skills, and attitudes to manage and express their feelings, empathize with others, build and maintain supportive relationships, and make responsible decisions.

Our SEL sessions are one-to-one sessions provided by our trained, qualified, and supervised practitioners based on the desired frequency and duration per week following an individualized plan set by the parents, case managers, and practitioners. 

Social & Emotional Learning

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Academic Tutoring

Through our academic tutoring sessions, your child gets the literacy and numeracy support they need. Challenges like reading fluency, comprehension, phonemic awareness and understanding, difficulty remembering match facts and concepts, and inconsistent results in mathematical problems can be overcome by working through an individualized intervention plan with the necessary, evidence-based assessments used along the way to measure progress.

SEL concepts may be integrated into academic tutoring sessions to foster problem-solving skills and academic achievement.

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CIPPO is offering an all-in-one solution to up your parenting game. Parenting is a hectic job that requires more than just having resources and knowledge. To develop your parenting skills, you need ongoing emotional and practical support that meets your own personal needs and your child's.

Program components include "My social and emotional skills", "My awareness of child development", and "The skills I need". Get up to 10 hours of regular phone calls and follow-ups with tailor-fit exercises, plans, and tools.

Parent Support
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